Understanding the Five Key OC Themes in RO DBT

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) is a highly effective evidence-based treatment approach that has been developed over the past 25 years through extensive clinical research. It is specifically designed to address a range of disorders characterized by excessive self-control, commonly known as overcontrol (OC).

At our specialised clinics, we offer RO DBT treatment that combines individual therapy sessions and skills training classes. This comprehensive approach allows us to clinically target five key OC themes that often contribute to the development and maintenance of these disorders.

Inhibited and Disingenuous Emotional Expression

Individuals with OC tendencies often struggle to express their emotions openly and authentically. RO DBT helps them learn to identify and regulate their emotions effectively, promoting more genuine and spontaneous emotional expression.

Hyper-Detailed Focused and Overly Cautious Behavior

RO DBT addresses the tendency to become excessively focused on details and overly cautious in behavior. By teaching individuals to strike a balance between attention to detail and flexibility, we help them develop healthier and more adaptive behaviors.

Rigid and Rule-Governed Behavior

Many individuals with OC traits tend to adhere rigidly to rules and routines, making it difficult for individuals to adapt to changing circumstances. RO DBT helps them develop the skills to be more flexible and adaptable, enhancing their ability to navigate life’s challenges.

Aloof and Distant Style of Relating

Individuals with OC traits often struggle with forming and maintaining close relationships due to their aloof and distant style of relating. Through RO DBT, individuals learn how to effectively engage with others and cultivate healthy interpersonal connections.

High Social Comparison and Envy/Bitterness

RO DBT addresses the tendency to engage in excessive social comparison and experience envy or bitterness towards others. By helping individuals develop self-compassion and a sense of self-worth, we enable them to break free from these detrimental patterns of thinking and relating.

In addition to our clinical services, we also offer in-person and online training programs for mental health professionals who are interested in incorporating Radically Open DBT into their practice. These training programs provide the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively treat patients with severe and difficult-to-treat mental health problems.

At our clinics, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality RO DBT treatment and training. If you or someone you know is struggling with overcontrol and related disorders, we are here to help.

RO DBT Australia is a service of the Australian DBT Institute that supports individuals to access appropriately trained practitioners in the evidence-based approach of Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO DBT). The Australian DBT Institute also collaborates with Radically Open Ltd to educate mental health professionals in the Asia Pacific Region in RO DBT.