Referral to our Individual Therapy and Skills Classes

Referrals are accepted through our DBT Clinics intake services via email, phone, fax, medical objects, or by completing the below online referral form.

  • Call our team on 07 5647 3438
  • Send an email to email:
  • Have your GP or Psychiatrist fax your referral to 07 5676 6771
  • Ask your GP to send a referral via Medical-Objects to Dr. Peter King (5949971K)

Or you can complete the following online form

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Referrer's Name
If you are self referring to our programs please still list your name and details in this section
If you are self referring please state “Self-Referral” in the box above. If you are a health professional, carer, support worker or other support please include the individuals preferred contact details and name in the box above.
Which RO DBT Services are you looking to access?
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